Sabak Rules (Ante 5-card draw Poker)

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Sabak Rules (Ante 5-card draw Poker)

Post by WryRai on Sat Apr 23, 2016 4:05 am

The Buy-In: all players must "buy-in" in doing so exchanging a minimum number of credits for representative chips at the table. This minimum number is determined by the house. This is to demonstrate to all players that all are prepared to cover their losses.

The Ante: at the start of a round, each player must "ante-up" wagering a minimum amount. This ensures the winner isn't left an empty pot.

The Deal: 5 cards are dealt to each player, this begins the first round of betting.

1st Bet: Starting With the player to the dealer's left, each player has the opportunity to
"Fold" (give up, and sacrifice their current wager)
"call" (match the bet of the previous player)
"raise" (increase the bet by the Ante)

The Draw: each player has one opportunity to exchange any number of the cards in the hand for an equal number of cards dealt from the top of the deck.

2nd Bet: a second round of betting

The Showdown: all players reveal their cards, the winner is determined by the best hand, according to the Poker Hand Ranking chart.

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