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After consulting with the PC's a general consensus was reached that the direction the campaign was heading was not healthy or sustainable. what follows is a minor retcon and clarifying stories of some recent off-screen events.  Meta-Knowledge will be placed in spoiler brackets like this one, for the sake of anyone who may struggle with player/character separation.
Even so, details are deliberately kept a bit fuzzy to avoid spoiling future plot.

Offscreen Part One: The Findsman:
In a cantina on a backwater space station... Dressed in a grimy khaki flight suit, the Weequay spat angrily. "Kriffing wannabe Twi'lek brat. Who does she think she is? Two score years too young too know poodoo about we REAL smuggler pilots [he tapped his chest] do. She should know her place."

The squib  sitting across from him interjected with a snide comment and just managed to dodge the fist thrown in its direction....

"If I wanted your opinion I would of asked it. We had a nifty little deal going with Dobah until those karking stoopa idiots screwed everything up. Then they farkled our deal with the Hutts by taking that job with Bargos and exposing the condition of the mines. It's lucky Bargos didn't really care about the mines or we'd probably have a price on our heads for delivering shoddy droids. Bad enough that none of the Hutts will work with us except in direst need...  Not only that, but some funny business happened with our client here on Nar Shadaa, and shortly after that lot entered the store. I'd bet you anything they were behind it. No, My friend, we are truly in rough times..

The squib mumbled something.

"How many times have I told you! I have no problem with running spice, but Ryloth's too hot. The whole Sector's crawling with Imperials. And in case you hadn't noticed, we don't have the Hutts backing us anymore either."

A sullen murmur

"Profitable you say!? More like suicidal. If you want to rot in Stalitz go ahead. No, my friend, we'll find some work sooner or later. I just wish that Schutta had stayed where she belonged. Heh. Bet the Hutts would have paid plenty for a young healthy specimen like her. And that Bothan that was with her had a hide that would have fetched a pretty penny too..."

The squib looks mildly amused for a moment before piping up.

"Heh. The Findsman? Now that's an idea. We'll have to spend our last cred to pay him though... The Gand don't work on promises. I like the way you think... It's risky, though. We don't want to draw Black Sun's Ire."

The squib gives an exhasperated sigh followed by a terse explanation.

"True, true... If we give them a cut, they'll probably be fine, and if they aren't we can always claim it was his idea... She's inexperienced enough I bet she'll buy it, hook line and sinker too. And if things go south at Ryloth... We'll be several sectors away with clean hands... "

Offscreen Part 2: Ami's Backstory:
5 years ago...

A dark cloak wrapped around her, Ami scaled the rough wall of the compound of one of the wealthiest Nobles on Empress Teta. So far, the heist had gone off perfectly. If she could manage to make off with the artifact with no one the wiser, it would set her up for life...

She tried not to think too hard about what had happened earlier in the day. She had obviously been spotted. But she had WILLED the person to forget about her. And oddly, incredibly, it seemed to have worked...

Ami reached the top of the compound wall and dropped noiselessly to the ground inside, stealthy as a cat. As usual, she paused for a few seconds to make sure her entry had gone unnoticed and check for cams or droids before proceeding. That's when she heard it. A soft but persistent sobbing behind some ornamental bushes some 20 feet away. For a split second, Ami's curiosity urged her to investigate. "Stay focused on the mission, Ami." she reminded herself. After getting this far, the last thing she needed was for some blubbering idiot to report her...

Then it happened...

"Die, Jedi!" A young woman about Ami's age launched herself furiously at Ami, her eyes red and wet from crying... "You'll pay for what you've done!"

Ami had a split second to react. She instinctively dropped into a crouch and did a quick sweep with her leg, catching her assailant by surprise, and throwing her off balance. She then followed up with an uppercut, but the girl twitched her head away just in time to avoid what would have been a knockout punch.

The girl was strong, and full of rage, but Ami was more the experienced fighter. Within seconds, she had her opponent, pinned, and had one hand over her mouth. There might be a chance in a million that their scuffle had gone unnoticed, but still better safe than sorry.

The girl struggled violently and tried (unsuccesfully) to bite Ami's hand.

"I am no Jedi. But if you go attacking every shadow, you'll eventually meet one who is less forgiving than I." Ami warned.

She gagged her assailant turned victim, and clipped a pair of binder cuffs around her wrists, and another around her ankles, then rolled the furious young woman under a nearby bush like a sack of potatoes. The gardener would find her in the morning...

But it was no good. She could already hear the alarm being raised and people rallying. She had a matter of seconds to minutes at best before this place was overrun with security.

Something compelled Ami to glance behind her as she turned to escape...

To Ami's astonishment, the young woman was standing behind her, free as a bird. Even more astonishing, the rage had left her eyes. They were, instead, curious. Afraid. Imploring. And more pitiful than the eyes of a begging puppy.

The figure motioned furiously underneath the bushes where Ami had rolled her victim. A twin? Something was odd here...

Knowing she'd regret this, Ami knelt down and saw her victim under the bushes, still shackled... But what of the other girl? And why hadn't she attacked or spoken? Was she mute? The second girl motioned to Ami to free the first. "What?" This was insanity. On the other hand, Ami could hear alarmed voices closing in: Escape was clearly no longer an option here... If friendly... Maybe she could bluff?

Ami carefully unbound her former assailant. As soon as she did, she nearly passed out in shock as the second girl merged with and reabsorbed into the body of the first. The girl gave Ami a triumphant grin. Against her better judgment, Ami removed the gag.


(.... To be continued)

Offscreen Part 3:
Sorry, need more time to get this down and it wasn't as critical. Will edit later.

Recap of recent events:

After succesfully staging a clever prison escape, Boris, Hailey, and Ami were acosted by suspicious Imperials as they tried to make their way off the moon by commandeering a troop transport. After being taken to an Imperial Star Destroyer in Orbit, they met Alliance Intelligence operative Major Dernigan and helped him rescue his sidekick,  Gadon Bull. Dernigan agreed to help the players escape the ship, but in return he asked them to capture some valuable TIE Agressor prototypes. the Group Managed to shut down the primary and backup hyperdrives and pull the ship out of hyperspace, but were confronted by some stormtroopers as they made their escape. After a brief battle, and some shaky manuevering by people who are not pilots, the group has managed to escape the Star Destroyer. Dernigan has promised his allies should arrive soon, but the Imps are likely to scramble a pusuit as well...

Boris managed to spot the transport they came in on gliding out of the hangar below them. Given that it hasn't fired on them and also seems bent on departing the area, he surmised that the group of prisoners they rescued earlier has escaped as well..

[Screen wipe]

Moments after the group escaped the Destroyer, a Hammerhead cruiser and the Aetherskiff Jumped into the area. Two squadrons of X-wings, were deployed, which managed to provide cover for you as you made your escape. After the stolen TIE fighters and the Aetherskiff were safely docked with the Hammerhead, the Rebel fleet immediately made the jump to the relative safety of hyperspace. This is where we will begin on Sunday.

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