Session 3: Nepata

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Session 3: Nepata Empty Session 3: Nepata

Post by WryRai on Mon Jan 11, 2016 7:06 am

  • Find the asteroid.
  • Fake our way into their space as Blunt
  • explore asteroid
  • find Nekata's half corroded, abandoned ship
  • find Doba's frigate
  • exciting fire-fight
  • take their entire crew hostage with the knock-out gas
  • Tali finds many useful tools and repair supplies
  • Hailey finds unknown illegal blue crystals
  • crew finds Glitterstem cargo
  • allow Z-Tie Ugly to dock for light speed piggy-back
  • take doba to the Hutts on Nepata
  • Profit 8400 total selling doba, his crew and his Glitterstem
  • Leave negotiations on a razors edge after repeatedly accidentally insulting the Hutt
  • Last chance is to accept a job from his "cousin"
  • Z-Tie Ugly pilot unhappy about being in Hutt space, takes off w/o paying
  • Boris Needs medical attention, and we need med supplies

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