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Loot Summary

Post by d0e8r on Sat Jan 09, 2016 2:22 am

Here's a quick rundown of the resources the group has, and has spent, starting with creds. This is to the best of my memory. If I missed anything, or quoted a wrong figure, please point it out.


Session 1
+50 Hailey pickpockets the drunk
+50 Looted from Daro's body
+235 Hailey and Boris find in the safehouse cabinet (Applied towards loan)

Session 2
+2000 Reward from Zukata for arranging contact with R4-W9
+500 Hailey pickpockets the bartender (That was a full day's earnings! Shame on you!)
+1000 Hailey empties her victim's bank account (It was just his gambling account)

Session 3
+5000 Thakba Besaadi Diori's reward for capturing Dobah
+200 (X4) = +800 Price from Thakba the Hutt for each additional member of Dobah's crew.
+2600 Price from Thakba for the glitterstim.


Session 1
-300 Fare for Boris and Jowmum (Applied towards loan)
- 500 Hailey's Contribution (Applied towards loan)

Session 2
-120 Four Anaesthetic Canisters for Jowmum
-1000 Com Scrambler set
-150 Superior quality ion blaster Jowmum
-300 Two holdout blasters Boris
-50 Reasonable price for Tali's batteries Boris

Session 3

*To be determined {Placeholder}


-95,000 Current balance on Tali's loan, taking into account recent payments and interest

Running Balance

                        * Without Loan : +9,850
                        * With Loan: -85,185

I need to know how much you are applying to the loan, and when. I'd advise against applying ALL of it, since you need some operating capital for medicine, fuel, supplies, and food... Speaking of which, next time you go shopping, credits need to be spent on food, water, and fuel for the ship... And extra food and water for any passengers you take...

Now for the items...


* Spent cred card (Hailey)
* Stolen ID for a "Taran Healy". Heavyset, deep jowled Sullustan (Hailey)
* Restraining Bolt (Removed from R4-W9)
* Restraining bolt wrench (Looted from Daro's backpack)
* Black market business cards (Hailey)
* Miscellaneous droid parts found in a junk heap
* Several high quality gas masks found in an abandoned crate.
* Communications scrambler set. These attach to your personal holocommunicators and encrypt your transmissions so they cannot be intercepted. The seller falsely advertised the set as jammers, but they are not capable of jamming enemy communications, only encrypting your own. The scramblers are also illegal in Imperial space, and were acquired by less than legitimate means. However, they are in top condition, and you got four for the price of one...


WeaponSkillDamageCritRangeHard PointsSpecial
Daro's Modified Blaster pistols (X2)Ranged (Light)63Medium1Stun Setting, may be drawn as an incidental
Gut's VibroknifeMelee42EngagednonePierce 2, Vicious1
Holdout blasters (X2)Ranged (light)54short1Stun setting
Ionization BlasterRanged (light) 105short3Disorient 5, Stun damage (droid only)
*Jowmum's fogger. Emits a mist of aerosolized anaesthetic.  Difficulty rating for a single dose is Average, and two or more doses combined is hard. Any target failing the check takes 5 strain. If one two two threat are generated, the target also loses its free maneuver during its next turn. Three or more threat staggers the target until the next turn. Despair means the target is affected for an additional round after exposure ends


ArmorDefenseSoakEncumbranceHard Points
Daro's Heavy Clothingnone+11none
Gut's Padded Armor none+22none

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